My New Lodge 5 Quart Deep Fryer Was Delivered, Today! :0)

Remember the brown grocery bags they used, to bag groceries, back in the day? Well, my momma would use those same paper bags to flour chicken, fish, pork chops, etc.

I will most definitely be frying everything I can think of, in this beautiful baby! This cast iron deep fryer holds 5 quarts, and is pretty deep, which makes me feel a bit safer.

(Hot grease can be scary. I have LOTS of stories to tell, lol.)

I’m so glad that I started collecting cast iron cookware, because it has been quite a learning experience. Oh, and it’s lots of fun, too.

I haven’t been to the flea markets, or local town shops, or any other places where they sell cast iron cookware. So far, I’ve just been taking my time, and ordering them online.

I’m always excited to find that next special piece, to add to my cast iron collection.

Thanks for hanging out, with me!

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