Shoe Racks Make Excellent Coffee Mug Trees! How I Hang My Favorite Coffee Mugs.

Did you just get a closet upgrade, and no longer need that shoe rack? Well, before you decide to just toss it out, you might want to reconsider. Shoe racks make the perfect coffee mugs display!

Because they are made of stainless steel, they have that crisp, clean shiny look, which fits into almost any kitchen decor. They also spin, which makes them fun to use.

I collect coffee mugs, and one day the idea just came to me. It was as if the coffee mug angels whispered in my ear,
“Shoooe raaack…coffeee mugggs…”

Note: Just in case you’re curious, the smiley mugs in this video are actually from the Teleflora Gift collection. I ordered them on Ebay, from different vendors. Also, I believe the stainless steel shoe racks were purchased from Walmart, a few years ago.

Thanks for hanging out, with me!

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