What’s YOUR Favorite Coffee Mug, and Why? (Post A Pic!) :0)

Okay, sooooooo…I’ll go first.


This is my favorite coffee mug, because:
1. The bright yellow color is poppin’.
2. The smiley face reminds me of simpler times.
3. It’s HUGE, and holds a lot of coffee!


(Just smile.)

Oh, wait! Don’t forget to post a pic of YOUR favorite coffee mug, and please explain WHY it’s your favorite!

Thanks for hanging out, with me!

Here are a few more coffee cups, I’ve had for YEARS:

“Betty Boop” (This mug is SUPER heavy.)




“My Spill-Proof-Loyal-Rider” (This one is for driving, and “switchin’ lanes, on’em”, lol.)

900-coffee-cup-i-use-while-driving-spill-free-3 (1)


“Hello Kitty” (This mug is SUPER heavy, also.)



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