Where Did You Go, On Your Very First Date? (Do You Even Remember?)

I remember my very first date CLEARLY, because I couldn’t wait to turn sixteen. Yep. That’s when I was allowed to date.

I don’t know who came up, with that “magic number”, but for some reason, everybody seemed to accept it, without question.


We went to McDonald’s, and saw a movie…in a theater…alone, just the two of us…in the dark. Yep.

(I was now like the girls, in those 80’s movies…well, minus the bubble gum, and group of exciting friends.)

We actually saw the movie first, but as a TRUE and EXTREMELY DEDICATED foodie, I enjoyed the Big Mac, fries, and shake WAAAAAAAY better!

Side note:

The guy I went on the date with, thought I was super weird, because I ate my Big Mac, in a circle.

I haven’t seen him, since.

Again, I ask…do YOU remember YOUR very first date?

(I think this will be a lotta fun, lol…)

Post away!

Thanks for hanging out, with me!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions

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